Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mummy pressure and 2013 Deepavali

Succumbed to peer pressure and mummy pressure and finally got my self a errr smartphone you say?
Mummy pressure because my mum is tech-savvy I would say, she started using Whatsapp and whatsnot way long long time ago before any of my siblings started... And she was nagging away about how horrible my phone looks and how she cant hear me all the time.. Okay mummy thank you for the sponsorship :D
Back to the phone, its pretty basic and budget friendly, thought I absolutely adore iPhone, this phone has been doing a good job for a week now...

Hoping to take more random pictures so I can share it here <3

Nah before I end there post, let me spam you with Deepavali pictures.. Going back to complete my dissertation now!



Wednesday, September 11, 2013


78 Shadow Blush Palette Coastal Scents
88 Original Palette Coastal Scents

or maybe this

Prism Palette Coastal Scents

Now you might be like OMG so many colours how much are those?? Actually the price is alright #1 an #2 is RM 93 and #3 is RM96! You can get those for below RM100 at! I have never bought anything from that website yet but I might soon, hehe :D :D

#4 Any sexy hot Herve Leger dresses would do

Managed to try them on once and it truly did fit like gloves/socks or whatever that fits so magically , accentuated the curves I imagined to have..

#5 Yes this! <3

#6 And this!

 Okay let me continue dreaming about my big big wishes, or maybe I shall accomplish one for now :)


Sunday, August 25, 2013

H&M Grand Opening @ Gurney Paragon, Penang

I was back home early August for Raya break, and it was perfectly during H&M Grand Opening @ Gurney Paragon, Penang!

The first lucky fashionista in line will receive a gift card worth RM 300. The following 150 in line will receive a gift card worth RM 50 each.

Haha so I actually started queuing from about 3am with my family and about 5am Ally joined me.. It was truly a fun experience sitting down, talking talking talking till the sun came up and of course I get a gift card to shop! Wooohooo! Even the people running the event were sweet, they actually went to buy us all McDonalds...

Shopping spirit 

 Spend my RM 50 gift card pretty well :D

Finally bestie agreed to cam-whore 

Found these pictures on FB: Yup the red arrow directs you to ME..

Random one, I was just watching this earlier.. Wow Kanye actually does have a soft sweet side... :tup
Not a fan of his music at all but hey I love Keeping Up With The Kardashian 


Monday, July 29, 2013

Anniversary Date

Today marks our 48 months together (haha you do the counting) so he took me on a surprise date..
Since he is on a gym routine and I wasn't craving for any meal after Fatboy's we didn't make any plans for dinner date.. But this boy send me a text saying dress up and I will pick you up for dinner..I had no idea where we were headed to so I brought my flat and heels in case I might be too dressy for the place he chose.. 

We drove by the place he proposed blushing away, wow time has flew by us..I kept guessing throughout the journey probably sounding like the annoying Donkey from Shrek!(I like surprises but I like it better when I can guess the surprise plan)

Upstairs Cafe

His first reservation ever.. 

 Yummy RedVelvet Cupcake

 Fragile Scone

THE Super Yummy RedVelvet Cake

Caesar Salad-Yummy and quite a big portion 

Our choice of food might seem a little odd, thats because we were guilty so had to take a healthy meal #selfcomforting

Us <3

Black flats -Prangin Mall, Penang (RM20)
Flowy dress from Times Square (only RM10)
Chanel Caviar Jumbo inspired bag (~RM50)


Sort of farewell

Sometime last week, IMU friends and I headed to Publika for some sort of farewell dinner... Most of my friends are leaving to UK/Australia/Singapore/Turkey/Sabah for research, so we thought lets go somewhere nice before we bid goodbye. 

 Alan and I got lost halfway so it took us an hour to reach there, crazy GPS to be blamed.. Everyone was settled at Fatboy's The Burger Bar so I didnt get the chance to explore the place yet :/

His: Jamaican Me Hungry (Pork)
Mine: Wimpy Burger (Pork)
Yosh, Debs, Fui Teng, Christina, Jamie <3
Missing Zyu Wenn  here
We actually requested for the tiny flags to camwhore :D

Top: From Times Square (RM15)

Alexandar Wang Rocco Bag inspired version from CottonOn (RM15)
Strappy Wedge from Vincci (about RM50 on sale)

"It's not goodbye, it's just... farewell until we meet again in 3 months."


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

#1 Starting somewhere

I have always loved reading blogs and keeping a diary, so I thought it would be great I could document it all over here at my little space..
Its still feels awkward typing because errrrhmmmmm my writing sucks a little, with my so, you know, then, a bit bimbo right?
I gotta start somewhere...

OOTD: Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

Alexandar Wang Rocco Bag inspired version from CottonOn (RM15)
Houndstooth Dress (RM30)
Strappy Wedge from Vincci (about RM50 on sale)

Don't you agree this outfit is budget savvy?