Monday, July 29, 2013

Sort of farewell

Sometime last week, IMU friends and I headed to Publika for some sort of farewell dinner... Most of my friends are leaving to UK/Australia/Singapore/Turkey/Sabah for research, so we thought lets go somewhere nice before we bid goodbye. 

 Alan and I got lost halfway so it took us an hour to reach there, crazy GPS to be blamed.. Everyone was settled at Fatboy's The Burger Bar so I didnt get the chance to explore the place yet :/

His: Jamaican Me Hungry (Pork)
Mine: Wimpy Burger (Pork)
Yosh, Debs, Fui Teng, Christina, Jamie <3
Missing Zyu Wenn  here
We actually requested for the tiny flags to camwhore :D

Top: From Times Square (RM15)

Alexandar Wang Rocco Bag inspired version from CottonOn (RM15)
Strappy Wedge from Vincci (about RM50 on sale)

"It's not goodbye, it's just... farewell until we meet again in 3 months."


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