Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mummy pressure and 2013 Deepavali

Succumbed to peer pressure and mummy pressure and finally got my self a errr smartphone you say?
Mummy pressure because my mum is tech-savvy I would say, she started using Whatsapp and whatsnot way long long time ago before any of my siblings started... And she was nagging away about how horrible my phone looks and how she cant hear me all the time.. Okay mummy thank you for the sponsorship :D
Back to the phone, its pretty basic and budget friendly, thought I absolutely adore iPhone, this phone has been doing a good job for a week now...

Hoping to take more random pictures so I can share it here <3

Nah before I end there post, let me spam you with Deepavali pictures.. Going back to complete my dissertation now!