Wednesday, September 11, 2013


78 Shadow Blush Palette Coastal Scents
88 Original Palette Coastal Scents

or maybe this

Prism Palette Coastal Scents

Now you might be like OMG so many colours how much are those?? Actually the price is alright #1 an #2 is RM 93 and #3 is RM96! You can get those for below RM100 at! I have never bought anything from that website yet but I might soon, hehe :D :D

#4 Any sexy hot Herve Leger dresses would do

Managed to try them on once and it truly did fit like gloves/socks or whatever that fits so magically , accentuated the curves I imagined to have..

#5 Yes this! <3

#6 And this!

 Okay let me continue dreaming about my big big wishes, or maybe I shall accomplish one for now :)


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