Monday, July 29, 2013

Anniversary Date

Today marks our 48 months together (haha you do the counting) so he took me on a surprise date..
Since he is on a gym routine and I wasn't craving for any meal after Fatboy's we didn't make any plans for dinner date.. But this boy send me a text saying dress up and I will pick you up for dinner..I had no idea where we were headed to so I brought my flat and heels in case I might be too dressy for the place he chose.. 

We drove by the place he proposed blushing away, wow time has flew by us..I kept guessing throughout the journey probably sounding like the annoying Donkey from Shrek!(I like surprises but I like it better when I can guess the surprise plan)

Upstairs Cafe

His first reservation ever.. 

 Yummy RedVelvet Cupcake

 Fragile Scone

THE Super Yummy RedVelvet Cake

Caesar Salad-Yummy and quite a big portion 

Our choice of food might seem a little odd, thats because we were guilty so had to take a healthy meal #selfcomforting

Us <3

Black flats -Prangin Mall, Penang (RM20)
Flowy dress from Times Square (only RM10)
Chanel Caviar Jumbo inspired bag (~RM50)


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